Artikel Jurnal Faktor Prediktor Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) pada Pengrajin Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin (ATBM)


Abstract : Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
(CTS) is a median nerve dysfunction that occurs due to elevated pressure at
in the carpal tunnel. CTS predictors are age, sex, age
work, work period, workload and frequency of repetitive movement that occurred
in the long term for example workers in the production of woven fabric
ATBM (Non Weapon Machine). According to the National Health Interview Study (NHIS)
estimates that the prevalence of CTS is reported with adult populations
1.55% (2.6 million).

Objective: Analyzing CTS predictor factors: age, length of work,
work, workload, repetitive movement

Method: This type of analytic research with this cross sectional approach
using the entire population of 60 people ATBM weaving craftsmen .. Variable
free are age, sex, length of work, length of service, workload, movement
over and over. The dependent variable is the CTS Event. Data analysis using test
Chi Square with 95% confidence level. Result: Age relationship with CTS
value p = 0,026, long working relationship with CTS p value = 0,000, the relation of time
work with CTS p value = 0,000, workload relationship with CTS value p =
0.000, and repetitive motion relationship with CTS value p = 0.001:

Conclusion: There is a relationship between age, length of work, length of service,
work, repetitive movements with CTS events.

Keywords : Age, Length of Work,
Work Period, Workload, Repetitive Movement, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Author : Rochman Basuki, M.
Naharuddin Jenie, Zimamul Fikri

Journal Code: jpkedokterandd150740

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