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Azzah Fadhiilah Yuniar, Azzah Fadhiilah Yuniar



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Yogyakarta is famous as a student city because there are many universities and other educational institutions. Yogyakarta State University as one of the nation's potential educator's printers has a duty to produce reliable and professional education personnel in education. Through the courses of education courses conducted both theory, practice, and field college is expected to provide knowledge and skills to the students about the teaching and learning process. One of the practice lectures held by Yogyakarta State University is Practice Field Guided (PLT) which is one of the forms of education by giving the experience of learning in the field directly to students to apply academic ability and practice in education. Before joining the PLT, students follow the micro teaching course or teaching mikri as the beginning of learning to practice PLT. SMA Negeri 7 Purworejo which is addressed in Jalan Ki Mangunsarkoro 1 Purworejo, Central Java, is one of the many schools that became the location of PLT UNY in 2017.
This PLT activity was held on 15 September – 15 November 2017. The subjects covered by the authors are French with the allocation of time each week as much as 13 hours lesson. The authors own 4 classes, namely class X MIPA 1, X MIPA 2, X Language and XI Language. The teaching and learning activities are held for 20 meetings consisting of 16 meetings for the giving of materials and 4 meetings for evaluation.
Overall, the PLT work program is well implemented, although there are still shortcomings. Starting from the preparation of PLT in the form of syllabus consultation, Learning Implementation Plan (RPP), learning method, evaluation and assessment sheet. In the implementation of PLT there are some obstacles but still in reasonable level. These barriers are expected to provide valuable experience for authors to further improve quality, especially in education.

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