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Sarah Idha Fatmala, Sarah Idha Fatmala



    PPL Reports.




Practice Field of Field Terbimbng (PLT) which has been implemented by students on 15 Sepetember – 15 November 2017 is a vehicle for students to train to improve the quality of self in terms of learning in school. PLT aims to train students to have real knowledge and experience about teaching and learning process. With this PLT activity is expected to have students to develop themselves as professional staff. One of the locations that became the target of the PLT program in the odd semester of 2017 is in SMK Negeri 7 Yogyakarta. The PPL group in the location consists of 14 students, 2 Informatics Engineering Education Study Program, 2 Economics Education Study Program, 4 Education Study Programs of Office Administration, 2 Counseling Program and 4 Accounting Education Programs.
The teaching practice was carried out from October 1 to November 11, as many as 16 meetings in class X OTKP 1 and 2. The subjects taught are Correspondence. The methods used in the lesson are lectures, Questions and Answers. The media used are MS Powerpoint, Prezi, modules, laptops and whiteboards, markers and erasers. Implementation of PLT in SMK Negeri 7 Yogyakarta includes teacher administration program, making RPP, making evaluation questions, assessment analysis, administration, and consultation mentors. After the implementation of PLT participants must prepare a report which will then be evaluated by the school and DPL PLT. In general, planned PLT programs work well, but in the implementation there are still obstacles. Obstacles encountered by PLT students are students who do not have modules / lks. To overcome these obstacles PPL students borrow books or modules in the library while students can borrow and encourage to buy.
From the implementation of PLT, it can be concluded that the PLT activities can provide experience to students in the field of competence development in the field of education, providing opportunities for students to learn and know all the problems in school related to the learning process, providing opportunities for students to apply knowledge, , and skills that have been learned in real life at school

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