Artikel Jurnal Resorcinol Compounds Isolated form the Bark of Myristica fatua Houtt.


Abstract : Myristica fatua
Houtt. is one of the endemic plants growth in Wallace region. Isolation of the
secondary metabolite compounds from the ethyl acetate fraction of the bark of
Myristica fatua Houtt. has been done using some chromatography techniques
afforded two resorcinol compounds, malabaricone C (1), and malabaricone B (2). The structures of 1-2
were determined using spectroscopic techniques, including mass spectrometry, 1D-NMR
and 2D-NMR. Both compounds showed in vitro cytotoxic activity against the
breast carcinoma cancer cell lines MCF-7 using alamar blue assay method, with
IC50 of 2.38 and 0.71 μg / mL, respectively.

Keywords : Myristica fatua
Houtt., Resorcinol, malabaricone B, malabaricone C, cytotoxic

Author : Megawati, ahmad

Journal Code: jpfarmasigg170004

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