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Spinak, Ernesto
In Memoriam: Eugene Garfield.
Informatics Studies, 2017, vol. 4, n. 2, pp. 5-6.

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English abstract

Eugene Garfield developed a theory about using the article’s bibliographic citations as an information retrieval procedure more efficient than those in use during 1950s. He undertook the development of a complete citation index to show the propagation of the scientific thought. He founded the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). There he created Current Contents, the SCI and other products now collected in the Web of Science, the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and the Impact Factor. Garfield theory corresponds, in the era of Internet, to the development of information retrieval algorithms such as Pagerank, of Google, that uses structured citation between websites through hyperlinks. Garfield revolutionized the world of scientific research and science evaluation


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