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Starting a property business is indeed a business field that is quite tempting, how not, every time people always need a comfortable place to live. When talking about property business in Indonesia, the name Ciputra cannot be forgotten. In many cities in Indonesia even in other countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, China and India Ciputra successfully developed property. The success of the property business obtained is certainly not an easy matter but there are many things he has done starting in 1961 until finally reaping the rewards. The main key to success in developing Pak Ciyang's property business is Partnership. Wherever building a property he always works with other parties, both your government and professionals.

In doing this partnership, if you want to become a leader, you must act as a servant who serves and gives. Although partnering with many people has different properties, the key is that we must be tolerant or give in first.

The concept of top of mind in building property makes the housing built has good quality. Every time people come to a city, what is remembered is that Ciputra housing is the orientation. Innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as enthusiasm and confidence, also have a very important role in the success of the property business.

In developing Ciputra's property it never ceases to develop, for example, a 30 percent business investment is taken as dividends while 70 percent is used for reinvestment in building housing. So that the property business always develops continuously.

In maintaining the brand and quality, in every area built the quality of Ciputra housing is always the same. This is done by sending professional and experienced people to each region.

Another important factor that supports the success of Ciputra business is the power of innovation in running its business. Innovation is a powerful energy that supports the success of the Ciputra property business. To be successful, three things are needed, namely wisdom, integrity, innovation. Integrity is very important because it is the currency that applies everywhere

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Jurnal Penelitan Geograpi

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